The Recreational Area of Valmiera Swimming Pool will allow you to relax after a long working day, and it will perfectly enhance anyone’s holiday plans! Steaming in the saunas and invigorating in the cold water swimming pool, water activities in the recreational area for young visitors and active swimming in the cascading pool – all that is possible at the Recreational Area of Valmiera Swimming Pool!

The recreational area is located at:

  • Sauna (t 60 °C / 25% humidity) – Bio sauna provides a mild climate with air temperature 60°C  and 30% humidity.
  • Russian sauna (t 80°C / 10% humidity) – Traditional Russian sauna equipped with a water vat and a ladle which may be used to add some extra steam by pouring some water on the hot stones.
  • Hammam (t 45°C / 100% humidity) – It’s recommended to stay in the hammam for not longer than 15-20 min.
  • Salt Chamber (t 25-30°C / 10% moisture) – Salt prevents inflammation and has a positive impact on the human body. Both lungs and the respiratory system get cleansed from bacteria and allergens, so people suffering from allergies experience considerable relief. The air in the salt chamber is enriched with negative ions. It creates an amazing feeling of freshness, similar to what you experience when walking by the sea, in the mountains or near a waterfall. Scientific studies show that our well-being improves when the air around us is enriched with negative ions. Various skin diseases may be cured as well. When the salt chamber is attended regularly, the skin structure gets improved – the skin becomes more porous and better supplied with blood. Oxygen ions are oxygen molecules that have one or more electrons (more electrons = negative charge, fewer electrons = positive charge). Negatively charged oxygen ions are indispensable for people. Negative ions have a significant cleansing potential. They attract bacteria and dirt, which are mostly positively charged. Bacteria and dust are drawn to the ground, and the air becomes clean. There is a very low quantity of negative ions in enclosed premises, which leads to reduced mental alertness and fatigue.
  • Massaging shower with several massage regimes.
  • Cold water bucket allows you to get refreshed after the sauna by pouring some cold water on yourself.
  • Cold water bucket for you to get refreshed after the sauna by pouring cold water on yourself.
  • Massage pool (t 30°C, depth 1.2 m) equipped with currents, cascades, massage jets, and massaging deckchairs installed in water.
  • Bubble baths equipped with several massage seats.
  • Water recreational area for children equipped with waterslides, fountains and waterfalls.
  • Deckchair area located on the second floor of Recreational Area – feel free to come here to catch your breath and to recover energy in quiet.