About the swimming pool:
“Valmiera Large Swimming Pool with its 8 swimming lanes is suitable both for aduls and for children. The size of it is 21 x 25 m, its depth is 1.20-2.20 m. Here you can have both a professional training and a pleasant relaxation after a long working day.

The grandstand of the swimming pool contains 242 seats arranged in 5 rows. In the upper grandstand, there are 50 standing places. There is also a platform for people with special needs, where 8 spectators can stay simultaneously.”

When visiting the swimming pool, you must bring with you:

  • Second pair of (indoor) shoes in a bag
  • Swimwear
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • Hair and body wash products

Internal rules:

  • Before swimming in the swimming pool it is compulsury to shower, and all hygiene requirements shall be observed during your visit.
  • In the swimming pool, all swimmers shall wear a swimming cap.
  • It is prohibited to take pictures and to make videos in the changing rooms and in the swimming pool without prior written consent of the Swimming Pool Complex administration
  • Visitors are not allowed to use wetsuits, monofins or diving equipment without prior written permission of the administration.
  • Visitors are not allowed to use swimming shorts with pockets and metal accessories.
  • If several visitors are simultaneously using the same lane, they should swim anticlockwise, keeping as close to the right side as possible. At the end of the lane you should stand in the corner to avoid endangering yourself and other visitors.
  • It is allowed to play games in the swimming pool, provided that it does not disturb other visitors, and to use swimming pool for swimming lessons, as well as to store water aerobics and games equipment.
  • Visitors may use any swimming equipment available in the swimming pool according to its intended use. All such equipment should be returned to the storage place.